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Not my cup of Tea



TAKE ACTION:Call on Tata Global Beverages, one of the largest tea companies in the world to take action to prevent people being trafficked out of the tea plantations of Assam.

Elaina Kujar grew up on a tea estate in the Lakhimpur district, North Eastern Assam dreaming that one day she would become a nurse. However Elaina, like thousands of others experienced a life of poverty and hardship. Elaina’s parents were earning very little money as tea plantation workers and found it difficult to afford to keep her at home.

At 14, Elaina was approached by a trafficker. "He said he would change our lives” says Elaina.The reality Elaina experienced was a stark contrast to the exciting life free from poverty that she was promised. She was trafficked into sexual exploitation, trapped, abused, forced to work throughout the night and received no money.[1]

You can help prevent this. Take action now to stop human trafficking out of the tea plantations of Assam by joining the NOT MY CUP OF TEA campaign.

Everywhere around the world people drink tea, globally, people drink over three billion cups of tea every day. But what’s the cost? Recent research has shown that the labour practices and working conditions on the tea plantations of Assam are fuelling unique forms of vulnerability to human trafficking. Countless young people, like Elaina, are being deceived with promises of a new life and great work opportunities and then trafficked and exploited within cities across India. We must prevent this.

We believe that Tata Global Beverages (TGB), one of the world’s largest tea companies – providers of the iconic Tetley tea brand - have a responsibility to prevent this. STOP THE TRAFFIK have teamed up with campaigning organisation Walk Free to call on TGB to take action. We invite you to join us.[2]

SEND AN EMAIL NOW: Call on Tata Global Beverages to take action to prevent people like Elaina being trafficked and exploited.

Together we can STOP THE TRAFFIK

Ruth, Kate, Jantine, Fuzz, Carolyn, Jimmy, Brooke, Amy - 

1. Chamberlain, G., 2013. How poverty wages for tea pickers fuel India's trade in child slavery, Observer Magazine [online] 20 July. Available at:
2. We want to be really clear — we are not accusing Tata Global Beverages of trafficking girls from Assam to be held in situations of modern slavery. We are, however, concerned that Tata Global Beverages is engaged in a labour scheme via Amalgamated Plantations in Assam that is fuelling unique forms of vulnerability to modern slavery. Of all the possible players, Tata Global Beverages has the power to do the most good in this situation and that is why we are calling on them to engage.
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Call on Tata Global Beverages, to take leadership in preventing people being trafficked out of the tea plantations of Assam.



Download the Not my cup of Tea report to find out more about how vulnerable young people living on tea plantations are being deceived and exploited.

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